Overview on services offered by EVG’s Customer service


Maintenance and training​

EVG Customer service consistes of over 40 field service technicians and 20 customer service staff members, EVG currently provides support for more than 5000 welding systems worldwide for wire processing and mesh production.

The work of our specially trained staff members includes the installation of our machines and lines, commissioning and start-up of the equipment, training of customer personnel and the hand-over of the line and subsequent assistance to our customers whenever our services are needed.

EVG operates a worldwide network of local sales agencies and service partners allowing us to provide our customers with support at short notice when troubles occur. Owing to our efficient spare part management we are also in a position to supply spare parts at short notice also for older machines and lines.

Service Team

Our service department team relies on highly qualified technicians with many years of experience in the field of technical customer service.

Our specialists can be contacted by e-mail or phone and, if need be, they will be supported at best also by our special technical departments.

For all your inquiries with regard to machinery supplied by EVG you are welcome to contact our service department in writing or by phone.

All your inquiries are registered by our Helpdesk and will be forwarded to our experts in charge who will take care of your inquiry promptly. Our specialists can be contacted by e-mail or phone and, if need be, they will be supported at best also by our special technical departments.

Spare Parts Sales

Every minute of machine downtime costs serious money to a company. This is why our hardware spare parts service is just as important as our software telemaintenance. EVG customers can rely on efficient spare parts management that ensures best possible availability of a production line.

This means that we have vital spare parts in store even for older machines and production lines, and that we can ship them promptly whenever needed. Anytime. Our spare parts meet the highest requirements on quality – the same quality that you are used to from our lines.This makes them particularly reliable and ensures very long service life.

Hotline and on-call duty

our hotline (subject to a charge) is at your disposal and will support you in urgent cases with troubleshooting.

For customers with an “ADVANCED+ SERVICEAGREEMENT”, these services (online service and on-call hotline) are free of charge.


For your inquiries, please use one of the following languages:

Telemaintenance - Online Service

It is very important to us to continuously improve service for our customers with a view to ensuring optimal equipment availability. The online service we provide has proven particularly helpful and opens up new possibilities for quickly locating and eliminating any kind of trouble and for transmitting programs and program updates.

In many cases, this can save our customers costly visits from a service technician.

We appreciate your understanding for the fact that we charge a portion of the costs for this service to our customers.


We assist our customers with first-class service and innovative customer support tools.