Equipment and machinery for the reinforcement of precast concrete elements​

& Machinery


Highly flexible welding lines for the production of two- or three-dimensional reinforcing elements of different geometries and their laying on pallets
  • Automatic feeding of wires from coils via logistically synchronized multi-track rotor straightening machine(s) of type RA-XE
  • Production of different mesh types without changeover times
  • Continuous functioning of the line even when processing production lots of one sheet only
  • Optional feeding and welding of cross wires above and/or below the line wires in any sequence
  • “Just-in-time” production of the reinforcing elements required per pallet by connecting the line with the master computers used by the precast concrete factories with pallet circulation system


Machines for the production of straight or bent wires according to BF4 and/or BF5, as well as for the handling of truss girders and for placing them on pallets
  • Automatic production of wires from coils via a multi-track rotor straightening machine of type RA-XE with an optional double bending unit
  • Truss girder handling system combining the sequences of automatic pick-up from magazine, butt welding, cutting and making them available for placing without any waste
  • Feeding and laying of wires and truss girders using a laying robot with triple gripper and 90° rotating function
  • Optional integration of spacer sorting and fixing device