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EVG as leading innovator

Did you know that EVG is in the backbone of many buildings?

Since 1949, we have been developing and manufacturing machines for the production of welded mesh and for processing reinforcing steel. Due to our visionary approach and our commitment to excellence we have had a determining influence on the industrial production of mesh and reinforcing elements.

Many of the things which are taken for granted today are based on innovative EVG developments of the past. However, resting on our laurels has never ever been an option for us. Quite the opposite is true.

Every success has motivated us to continue pursuing the refinement of our inventions, try different approaches and develop enhancements. This impetus empowers us to press on, even today. EVG is the world market leader and offers high-performance machinery and top-quality services around the world at prices in line with the market.

EVG as employer

Did you know that our co-workers are the backbone of our company?

A major share of our success today is due to the commitment of our staff members. They embody our knowhow and fuel our innovative development. Our objective is to create an environment that fosters the strengths and competences of our staff members. Feeling at ease at one’s workplace is just as important here as are measures for personal development.

Your career at EVG

Individual development

No matter whether you have a clear conception of your career path or you would rather just be guided by the opportunities and options our company offers, you can rely on our assistance. Once we know what you aspire to, we are there for you to help you reach your career goal in the best possible manner. 

A wide range of internal development options awaits you in the most diverse business units and invites you to set a new course within EVG. We facilitate this kind of dynamic advancement by offering a solid training program that adapts individual measures to suit both you and the company’s business goals.

Trainee Program

EVG has received awards as an apprenticeship employer and offers the EVG Trainee Academy which rests on the three pillars of professional competence for trainees: conduct, communication and technical knowledge. From the second term of the first year of training, various modules are offered in cooperation with a renowned educational institute. The focus of the Trainee Academy is not primarily on technical topics, but on social and methodological competences. Good self-management, for example, allows the organization of training and free time in the best possible way and encourages setting the right priorities. Communication and personality training teach good manners and promote self-awareness and the acquisition of social skills.

Basic training starts at EVG’s Training Workshop. Special training modules are held here until the start of preparations for the final exams. Periodical in-shop classes allow trainees to meet others from the same professional groups, help consolidate technical knowledge and encourage a sense of belonging to a team. Tutors from the 4th year support trainees from the 2nd and 3rd year with their in-shop classes. While tutors consolidate their technical competence, they are also role models for younger trainees.